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Song Stories

My excitement continues to grow. Mastering for the album is taking place in two weeks. Music is such a diverse art. One individual hears a sound and is disgusted with it. Another hears the same sound and is crying tears of joy. Some like country, jazz, rock, pop, metal, hardcore, the list goes on. The bottom line is that music effects people. My personal heart and vision for this music is more than simply entertainment, though I do listen to music for entertainment at times. I want it to be a journey into the Word of God and hope it stirs you to love it and do what it says. Certain music through the years has influenced the way I view God and has been a soundtrack for the ministry I do everyday. I pray this music effects you spiritually. You may not like the sound. You may love the sound. One sound of music rarely, if ever, is everyone’s preference. But I pray you feel the passion, hear the Word of God, and feel the tears through which many of these songs were written.

Over the next couple weeks I am going to post some song stories for you to know the background of why they were written. Mini Bible studies, if you will. They all have a purpose and a story.

Thanks for reading (and listening!).


July 31, 2008 - Posted by | "Near" Album, Worship

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