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Song Story – ‘Glory of Your Name’

I’m sure many of you have heard this song on the blog and on my myspace by now. ‘Glory of Your Name’ was birthed out of a desire to define what congregational worship is all about. During the time of this writing I was struggling to encounter God corporately. I had great personal devotions and moments with God by myself, but was completely distracted with other people and, quite frankly, not enjoying it one bit. Still, in my heart I knew it was biblical and God called us to do it. But why? Ponder these thoughts:

Come gather everyone to join in heaven’s song
Glory be to God
Draw near from far and wide to sing and prophesy
Glory be to God

We speak to every nation
Jesus will reign forever
Come and rejoice, come and rejoice

We join now with all of history and all eternity to sing
The glory of Your name
You’ve risen and reign forevermore, Holy One we live to see
The glory of Your name

One name, one way, one God who’s worthy of praise
Glory be to God
Your praise will reign, throughout the nations all will sing
Glory be to God
Glory be to God

These are truths that I need to remind myself. We need to worship corporately to come together in unity. We need to speak faith to one another. We must be reminded of unchanging Truth in the midst of our changing circumstances. We need to rejoice in the greatness of God. And the awesome truth is that we’re not the first or the last to do this. We join with all of history and all eternity in magnifying the greatness of our God through Jesus Christ.

So be it.

Another interesting fact about this song: I wrote it during a time when I couldn’t sing in the slightest bit. Not that when I sang people passed out and windows shattered, but because I had a mystery disease that no doctors could diagnose. I didn’t have enough muscle strength to sing. Crazy, huh? Thinking back to that time brings tears to my eyes. Writing like this helped bring me through to the other side and helped me trust in God’s power.


August 1, 2008 - Posted by | "Near" Album, Song Stories

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