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Song Story – “Forever Near”

“Forever Near” is a song that took a while to craft. I am not a huge fan of fast food songs – songs that need prefaced with: “God gave me this song in 45 seconds and I’m keeping it just as it is.” While I do believe God gives me inspiration, I still want to craft my songs theologically, thematically, melodically, and musically. I once heard David Ruis say songwriting is a sacred trust (read a powerful article here). In other words, if this is something people are going to sing, I want it to be true.

This song was the result of prayer and study. I was really overcome by the love of God to draw me close to Himself. This song is my testimony, and captures the theme of the whole record.

  • Verse 1 speaks of the work of Christ in drawing me close to Himself.
  • The Chorus speaks of the majesty of this Truth. Near the Source of perfect love, yet also near the glory so beyond us. What an amazing paradox.
  • Verse 2 is my response to catching this revelation. Passion for Jesus. The more I lose in this world the more I gain in knowing Christ.

This is probably my favorite track on the album. I love the direction we took this one musically because it enhances the lyrics with a ‘contemplative’ feel. At the beginning I quote Psalm 65:4 (ESV), and at the end I quote Psalm 73:28 (ESV). What I love about this is listening becomes meditation on Scripture (check it out on myspace).

Jesus, You have redeemed my life from sin
Tore the veil and called me in
Opened my eyes to see and fear
Appointed me to be forever near

Forever near the Source of perfect love
Near the Glory so beyond
Open my heart to this revelation, this truth
Forever near to You

Passion for You has overtaken my heart
Now all I want is all You are
The closer I’m drawn the more I change
The more I lose the more I truly gain


August 9, 2008 - Posted by | "Near" Album, Song Stories

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