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Song Story: “Willing”

‘Willing’ is a song that was crafted over a couple of years. I had the chorus going and I really liked it, but could never seem to find a verse that felt right. After writing and re-writing, it seemed to fit. I also wanted the intensity of the music to match the intensity of the lyrics. I’m happy with the energy this track evokes.

I wanted ‘Willing’ to be very challenging. I felt that a lot of worship songs at the time were somewhat shallow and not expressing all that needed to be said. I wanted to personally follow the example and command of Jesus to go, intercede, preach… and the boldest line in the song – ‘willing to bear the martyrs call’. As the verses say, we are called out of darkness, gripped by Christ’s love, filled with His Spirit, and sent out to reach the lost. I remember being in tears as I was writing this. The call of God felt so strong and I wanted to be willing to pay the price.

I think we need to live our lives in this way: Willing to go wherever Jesus says and do whatever he calls us to, no matter what the cost…even if it involves giving our very lives. Thousands of Christians have gone before us and given their lives for the Gospel. Don’t allow the culture to conform you to its ways. That is an easy, wasted life. Live a God-centered life full of the Word, full of worship, and full of obedience to Christ. Live for something more. Ponder these lyrics:

Called from darkness into light
Gripped by love to live this life
Filled with power to testify
Sent to answer desperate cries

We must go
We must all be

Willing to weep, to go, to preach
Willing to spend life on our knees
Willing to bear the martyrs call
Living for what matters most of all

I’m living for something more
Than what my generation settles for

Check out a rough mix at my myspace.


August 15, 2008 - Posted by | "Near" Album, Song Stories

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