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Current Listenings

Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately (besides my own album mixes over and over and…)

The Myriad: “With Arrows, With Poise” – I must say, this album surprised me. A lot of times I’ll try a new band only to be disappointed by their lack of creativity, simplicity, and all around vibe. These guys are fantastic – Christians who are breaking into the mainstream, making really great music. Sounds a lot like Radiohead but with slightly more pop melodic sensibilities.

Ian Mcintosh: “Awakened” – Still can’t quite get enough of this. This has been a refreshing ‘worship’ album for me. Basically, you need to check it out. Btw, the lead singer of ‘The Myriad’ produced it.

Chris Lawson Jones: “Carolina” – This came recommended to me by a blogger I read, David Gate. Totally loving this guy’s music. He combines a cool, British vocal style with folk music. Witty, clever, penetrating lyrics and a great voice. Definitely worth checking out.

Chris Taylor: “Take Me Anywhere” – I was somewhat disappointed with this album. Very cool, atmospheric worship music but with lyrics that annoy me. There just wasn’t much substance here.

That is all.



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  1. cheerio???
    who do you think you are??

    these posts are sweet, good recommendations.

    Comment by marksantistevan | August 17, 2008 | Reply

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