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Tuesday Morning – Bob Kauflin

Every songwriter asks the question, “What will my next song be about?

  • If I am a Christian songwriter, every song directly or indirectly has to do with Jesus Christ
    1. Some songs are written about Jesus. The best songs help us to know and love the true, biblical Jesus. Our words and melodies will never be more important than Jesus Christ. We are all theologians.
    2. Some songs are written to Jesus. Here we are defining our response to WHO HE IS. The best songs to Jesus make Him look better, not us. We cannot simply ‘gush’ about Jesus. We don’t need anymore ‘God is my girlfriend’ songs. There is a difference between our love to Jesus and our love for our spouses.
    3. Some songs are written because of Jesus. The best songs take the realities of heaven and hell seriously – unending pain and eternal joy. We write because we cannot ‘shake’ what Jesus has done for us. ‘Labor to be effected by the cross’ – The Puritans.

August 26, 2008 - Posted by | Songwriter Conference

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