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Vocals for Songwriters – Sheri Gould

Vocal Health

  • There is a lot of vocal strain in the church today…because of passionate people. We’re more interested in heart than we are in excellent art
  • Warm up your vocal chords as a routine!
  • ‘Flem’ is natures bandage…it accumulates when you don’t warm up.
  • If you’re hurting…you’re using the wrong muscles to sing.
  • ‘Speaking’ in a wrong way can also damage your vocal chords. Take times of silence.
  • Make a habit of breathing through your nose.
  • Caffeine dries out your vocal chords. Citrus juices are even worse.
  • Use ‘Breathers’ or ‘Throat Coat’ or ‘Entertainers Secret’ to sooth your throat.
  • It takes an hour for water to coat the throat. Start drinking early!
  • Do a good 5 minute warmup [hum…make some noise…gently] before you sing
  • Prepare your voice throughout the week
  • Vocal endurance is building up the vocal strength to stand the ‘4 hour concer

Vocal Technique

  • Relax! If you speak correctly…you will sing correctly
  • We don’t want to use any outer muscles in the throat… you should feel vibration, not muscular tension
  • You need constant feedback in order to get better
  • Suggestion: Record a video tape of yourself and watch it with the music off!
  • Keep your larynx low as you sing…open your mouth when you sing!
  • Don’t whisper
  • Most of us take a deep breath and let it all out at the beginning of a phrase…control your flow of air!
  • More breathing is not better…but letting that breath out in the right amount
  • Breathing exercise: say the alphabet!
  • Have an open chest…open rib cage

August 26, 2008 - Posted by | Songwriter Conference


  1. Nice Job David! Somebody was paying attention and taking notes!
    couple of corrections 😉
    vocal CORDS, PHLEGM, Hall’s Breezers

    Comment by Sheri Gould | September 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the corrections. I enjoyed your session a lot and have been implementing your advice in my singing each week. Let me know if you have any more breakthrough vocal techniques!

    Comment by santahara | September 22, 2008 | Reply

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