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Songwriting – Derek Webb

Songwriting thoughts:

  • Songwriting is an art, not a science
  • Good songwriting is preparing for moments when the ‘lightning strikes’
  • Write things down
  • You’re not gonna write good songs if you’re not living a good life – listen to good music, read books, be interesting
  • A good artist looks at the world and tells you what he sees
  • Art today is learning how to hide your influences well
  • There is no such thing as christian or secular music…there is no inherently ‘redeemed’ music
  • Know what you’re filters are…use as few as possible
  • Our job as songwriters is not to please our fans or sell a lot of records…it is to look at the world and tell what you see.
  • Every artist has a grid through which they look at the world
  • You can create art of anything that Jesus is Lord of
  • Music is not always full time vocational ministry…sometimes you just make great art…it’s your job and you love it
  • We all need to be doing what we CAN do… we are all part of one body
  • Recommended Book: Steve Turner ‘Imagine’

August 27, 2008 - Posted by | Songwriter Conference

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