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Tuesday Night – Charlie Peacock


  • Philippians 2
  • How do you become a great songwriter? Read Phil. 2/go to the revealed Word
  • Seek the good of others
  • others centered’ living is at the heart of good songwriting
  • music has the ability to serve in a variety of ways/care for others through your talent
  • tell stories back to God of the truth of God
  • Christians will be wise if they understand art
  • Our songwriting must be a tangible response to the goodness of God
  • Spreading the good news must be essential to the Christian songwriter – redeeming all that Jesus loves
  • Our love for the Bible must be as essential as our guitars, computers, and rhyming dictionaries
  • You serve the church and the world when you introduce them to what has been ‘remade’
  • Don’t even call yourself a Christian songwriter unless you can tell the story of the Word of God from beginning to end – you can say to a stranger ‘What is going on in the world’
  • A Christian songwriter offers himself to everyone in need – be an agent of reconciliation
  • Christian songwriters push back the effects of the fall
  • A servant songwriter asks the question, ‘How can I be a part of restoring rightness?”
  • Love is the motivation of a creator servant
  • Creator servants have an empathetic heart for people
  • Do not pursue status
  • Make musical choices that say you believe in diverse community
  • When the love of Jesus is embodied in songs, they stand out from the crowd
  • Be separate by the conspicuousness of your love to all people
  • Never underestimate the power of nuance… let your songs carry the flavor of forgiveness
  • Let your music and your lifestyle display mercy to people
  • Do for others what God has done for you…through your songs
  • Take your role in the story God is telling…live out who and what you are…have integrity as a songwriter…know your true identity in Christ (authenticity)
  • God is up to extraordinary things through ordinary people
  • Our most acceptable worship is to give up our agendas for the kingdom…we invite people to follow along through our lives and through our songs

August 27, 2008 - Posted by | Songwriter Conference

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