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Songwriting – Paul Baloche


1. Capture Inspired Moments

  • songwriting as a ‘by product’ of living your life and worshipping God
  • keep your antennae on all the time
  • pay attention to: sermons, prayers, journals, scripture, everyday life, radio
  • find your ‘well’ of inspiration… write from heart, not just head

2. “worship with it”… “play with it”

  • are you getting a sense of where it wants to go?
  • “what’s the feeling” of the idea?
  • cardinal rule: make sure that ALL the elements of your song work together to enhance the FEELING of the message
  • Is there a model in mind?
  • stay in the child-like, right brain, “heart”, creative part for as long as possible
  • allow the song to be a by-product of worshiping

3. Invite your left brain to the party

  • a form should start appearing (verse/chorus/verse, etc.)
  • start to edit, use rhyming dictionary, throw out cliche’s
  • “crossword it”…fill in the blanks, the missing word

4. Start a simple demo or try with your praise team

5. Be honest about how it feels and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite


August 28, 2008 - Posted by | Songwriter Conference

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