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Wednesday Night – Charlie Peacock


  • The prophet is a recipient of divine revelation
  • Prophecy is to speak the will of God into the world
  • Prophets of God
  • Isaiah
  • Messianic prophecies
  • Jeremiah – calls to repent
  • Ezekiel – prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem and a coming covenant
  • Daniel
  • Joel
  • Proclaim the whole will of God
  • Our work is to bring the revealed word – Word of Law, prophets, writings, new covenant, apostles, eyewitnesses of Jesus, etc.
  • The prophetic songwriter is always bringing the truth…revealing all that isn’t a lie
  • The prophetic is too cooperate with God’s agenda in turning people from evil
  • we come to the lazy, dull, apathetic, heard hearts and speak truth
  • we use words that arouse, anger, peak curiosity, words that provoke about what constitutes life on planet earth
  • language has an implicit and an explicit function… some artists speak more implicitly – don’t judge those who do
  • the prophetic songwriting voice can also be poetic (Dylan’s ‘Gotta Serve Somebody’)
  • follow Jesus’ model and move from anger to compassion to distress
  • There’s a time and a calling to express ‘distress’ in our songs

August 28, 2008 - Posted by | Songwriter Conference

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