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Types of Recordings

Here’s a brief rundown of some different ways to record music:

Live Recording – this type of recording is one that is tracked with an audience and the band playing together. Bands and artists will usually record this way to capture the energy of a single performance with an audience. Most of the time, the artist will do post-production work, which includes overdubs. Rarely anyone simply captures a single live performance these days. Vocals are off pitch, guitarist fudged the solo, or the drummer dropped his sticks. These things can be fixed in a studio.

Studio Recording – this type of recording is completely done behind closed doors. Technology these days allows an entire band to record, with each member being in a different part of the world. All you have to do is pass files around and record your part. This is the most popular type of recording. Depending on how much money you have, you can make it as perfect as you want. Lots of overdubs and effects are added in the studio.

Live ‘in-studio’ Recording – this type of recording is not done with a live audience, but it is tracked ‘live’ in the studio. Usually, the rhythm section all records together, capturing a certain feel from playing together. Sometimes even the vocals are tracked live. This is the method we adopted on my new album. We wanted to capture a ‘live worship’ sound, but track it in the studio. We did entire takes of each song, we left time for spontaneous worship, and did minimal overdubs (vocals, keys, acoustic guitars, percussion). Our goal was to produce a ‘live’ sound.


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