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Wide Awake Study Guide: Chapter 1

DREAM – The Artist

•    What were your childhood dreams or fantasies? What would the world look like if they became a reality?

•    Dreams must be aligned with talent. What are your unique talents?

“God is not going to invest himself in a dream fueled by greed, arrogance, self-indulgence, and self-centeredness. Your passions fuel your dreams. God doesn’t say ‘yes’ to everything we ask because our dreams need to be fueled by the right things.”

•    Where are your dreams coming from? Who or what is informing your dreams? Erwin says God gives God-sized dreams to people with God-shaped hearts (21).

•    Have you ever courageously pursued a dream?

•    Have you ever been discouraged on the path of pursuing your dream because of opposition, trials, and
difficulty? Tell us about your experience. Have you viewed these difficulties as God’s process for you?

•    Are there lies you’ve believed that you need to face head-on in order to pursue your dream? Have you been so discouraged along the journey that you’ve given up?


September 10, 2008 - Posted by | "Wide Awake" study guide

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