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Wide Awake Study Guide: Chapter 3

ADAPT – The Alchemist

• Have you ever had huge dreams and ideas for a big life you know you were supposed to live, but you felt you were somehow ill equipped, or improperly trained? Tell the group about your experience.

• Tell someone in the group an aspect of greatness you see in them. What potential do you see?

• Read the quote below. Describe a challenge in your life that God has used to make you a better person.

“The more challenging your circumstances, the greater your opportunity to see God raise you to new levels of living.”

• Read the first paragraph of ‘raising the bar’ on page 71. What does the author mean by unstoppable?

• What is at your core? Do you have any convictions for which you would be willing to risk everything? Name some of them.

“The life of your dreams needs to be rooted in a desire to serve others.”
• Tell the group your current profession. How are you serving others through it?

• Most of us cannot alter our lives in a day. What small steps can you take to fulfill your dream? Share your thoughts.


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