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The most influential worship leaders in my life

Throughout our lives we all have people who directly or indirectly influence us and help us become who we are today.

With the release of my first album, I am incredibly grateful for a few worship leaders who taught me so much about music, spontaneity, prophetic ministry, songwriting, theology, and much more. I have not only listened to worship music over the years, but have been a complete nerd when it comes to them – studying the musicians, producers, songs, artwork, ministries, and fill in the blank.

Following is a list of the most influential worship leaders in my life and why they are special:

David Ruis – this amazing Vineyard worship leader has taught me so much. Vineyard worship in general was very formative in my journey – intimate, prophetic, passion for the presence of God. In the early days David wrote songs like ‘You Are Worthy of My Praise’, ‘We Will Dance’, and ‘Let Your Glory Fall’. More recently he has taken a tremendous departure into prophetic, intercessory electronica. I was once at a conference where he opened his worship set, reading and singing a scripture. He always has a Bible with him. Prophetic, creative, weird, and powerful.

Matt Redman – Matt has taught me so much about songwriting. He is able to say the most profound truth in the fewest words. Along with his unbelievable songwriting, he has a very humble disposition when leading worship. He is not flashy, but simple and God-directing.

Reuben MorganMelody and simplicity. Wow. Reuben’s songs are much more well known than himself. His songs are very singable, the melodies are incredibly stirring, and the content is awesome. My recent favorite is “Stronger” off the new Hillsong “This is Our God” album.

Brian Doerksen – Not only are Brian’s songs outstanding, he delivers them in a way you can feel. I get the sense that he feels Scripture and truth deeply. He has taught me how to connect my brokenness to the Father heart of God. I think my obsession with speaking scripture also comes from Brian.

Lindell Cooley – My life was changed during the Brownsville Revival. I never experienced the presence of God like that and never experienced worship like I did with Lindell. Incredibly prophetic, passionate, and spontaneous. He led worship like a desperate, wild man. I guess that’s a good thing.

Delirious – The band that introduced a whole new style of worship. These guys seemed to carry a song for my generation that really led us to run hard after God. History Maker, anyone?

Who are your biggest influencers?


October 16, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Amen to this post. And amen.

    Are you almost ready for a departure into prophetic, intercessory electronica?

    Comment by mike | October 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. I think I’m ready to buy some huge seashells and prophesy through them.

    Comment by santahara | October 18, 2008 | Reply

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