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Wide Awake Study Guide – Chapter 6

CREATE – The Activist

• Have you ever had any inventing ideas? If you’re not embarrassed, share your ideas with the group.

• In what area are you most creative? Share your personal experience with the group.
“God given gifts, fueled by a heart for God and a love for people, brings God great glory.”

• Erwin states, “God created the chicken and the egg. But we created the quiche.” Only God creates out of nothing but we can use what God has given. Do believe you were designed to create? Explain why or why not.

• Read Matthew 25:1-13. Share with the groups what is the theme of this parable.

• What are the two things Erwin says we need on page 165 to prepare for a different future? Write them below and define each.


“If you begin to capture a picture of the life you dream of but do not prepare for the challenges you will face to make them a reality, you will not see it happen. I see this all the time: people who have huge dreams but are unwilling to pay the price to see them through.”
• What does my dream demand of me? Share your thoughts with the group.

• Read the character study (on page 180-181) of Lisa Ma Perez. What inspires you about her life?


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