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Song Story – “Holding Onto You”

I’ve always learned from my Mom the importance of a quiet time with God – extended moments spent everyday in quietness and worship before the Master. This truth and discipline has kept me in many a distressing time.

The content of this song is extremely vulnerable and personal. As a musician and a worship leader, I’ve had to deal with many compliments, criticisms, and learning how to distinguish between what I do and who I am. Also, 2005-2006 was an unbearably distressing year of physical suffering – multiple doctors and hospitals finding no diagnosis for me. Through this time, even my closest friends no longer knew what to say to me. I felt alone.

This song emerged out of that season because I really was not alone. Christ was my anchor.

I had to leave North Central University when I wrote this because my health was so bad. I never sang it, but my friend Kati Tollefson and friends from school ministered through this song while I was at home trying to get well. I cried for a long time when I heard the first recording back in 2006. It was encouraging to see God use this song without me being there. God is good at getting His glory while keeping me in the shadows sometimes!

I hope this song can be a source of strength to you. It came out of a dark place and God has lifted me out!

When all the songs are sung
And all the crowds are gone
When I must be myself again
When there’s no friend in sight
No gifts to hide behind
Speak to my heart its confidence

It’s You and all You are
Satisfying the deepest part of me

Draw me nearer
To Your heart, to Your love
Let me rest here
Holding onto You forever

When darkness fills my eyes
No light, no joy, no pride
When hope’s the last thing on my mind
I’ll stand before Your face
Press into Your embrace
Receiving all I need today

My hope
My strength
My truth


October 28, 2008 - Posted by | "Near" Album, Song Stories

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