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Wide Awake Study Guide – Chapter 7

ENJOY – The Hedonist

•    What is a simple pleasure you love in life? Coffee? Twinkies? Sunsets? Nintendo Wii? Share yours with the group.

•    Is life for you ‘an endless exploration of beauty and mystery’? Explain why or why not.

•    Think about someone in your life with a contagious personality. What makes them contagious?

“You were created to enjoy, but make sure you enjoy what you were created for.”

•    What is the difference between proper pleasure and destructive pleasure? What kind of pleasure should we be pursuing? Explain your answer.

•    Erwin says that our darkest moments in life will be when our relationships are a mess. Why is this the case? Explain your answer.

•    Read James 1:2. Why can trials be an opportunity for joy? Explain your answer.

•    Why do we conclude that the people who are truly spiritual are the ones who are sober, serious, and joyless? Do you agree?

“The less you enjoy your life, the weaker you will be on your journey. Why? Because the joy of the Lord is your strength.”


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