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My Thanksgiving List…

Just wanted to mention a few things that I am grateful to God for today:

  • My beautiful fiancee, Emily. This is our first Thanksgiving together. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.
  • The release of my first album. The main reason I am grateful for this is because a couple years ago I never thought it would happen. I was sick and unable to do any of it – other than pray and allow God to impress His truth on my heart. Thank you Jesus. You are faithful.
  • My Allison Park Church family. What a great place to be. Working with a staff that you are friends with, the privilege of leading an amazing group of young adults, a passionate worship team, and being able to make a difference in the world.
  • My family. Mom and Dad who are the most caring people on the planet. My brother Mike is leading a growing church in Ambridge, Mark is studying his brains out at VFCC, Mary is going to be a great nurse. Shayla is funny. Wilson is awesome. I love my family.
  • Jesus, there are an infinite number of things to be thankful to you for. This Thanksgiving I want to thank you for the power of Your cross, once again. I never want to lose the wonder as the years go by. More than a sentimental thought, the victory of the cross is the sustaining grace of my life.

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