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Eoghan Heaslip – “Wonderful Story”

surcd5096Most of you reading this have probably never heard of Eoghan Heaslip. The first question you are probably asking is, “How the heck do you pronounce that name?” It is pronounced “Owen” and I would love to introduce you to his music. I have followed Eoghan’s music for a number of years – from the independent “Deeper Still” to the live “Powescourt” album with David Ruis to the Integrity released “Mercy” and “Grace in the Wilderness”. There are a number of things I appreciate about his music: It’s saturated in scripture, contains unique phrasing, is very passionate, and his delivery is contagious.

Eoghan’s new album “Wonderful Story” is his first studio album in a number of years and contains the production wizardry of Nathan Nockels, most well-known for his production of the “Passion” worship albums. Nathan is the master of acoustic pop production in Christian music; some may even say he overproduces. I happen to love how well thought out it is – every instrument is tight and layered beautifully for a compelling ‘radio friendly’ sound.

Eoghan’s songs are really strong here. I’m finding myself challenged as I listen. There really is not a bad song here, which in my opinion makes a great album. I love the lyrical simplicity of the opening rocker, “This is Our Story”, which states succinctly, “This is our story…Jesus died for you, for me“. Most noteworthy is the deeply personal “What You’ve Called Me To”. Try and listen to this without crying – “This is going to take the whole of my life. This is going to take my every breath. But I know it’s true. There’s nothing to fear in what You’ve called me to.” This song really connects my heart with what I want to say to Jesus. I also can’t get enough of “The King Has Come”. Strong theological expressions of Christ’s reign with melodic phrasing that is really fresh. I can’t get enough.

Eoghan is currently the worship director for New Wine UK, and worship leader at St. Paul’s Ealing, London. This is worship music born from the battlefield.

For more info, check out his website. Head over to iTunes to purchase. It’s worth it.


December 19, 2008 - Posted by | Music, Worship

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