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Picking out a setlist to the glory of God

Ever get totally burned out on picking music for your services? Sick of doing the same songs over and over? Do you constantly feel the pressure to impress your pastor, congregation, and band with your song choices? Most people probably don’t know this, but picking out a setlist can be a lot of work.

Our minds are filled with questions such as, “Will this one be the next congregational hit? Will people raise their hands at the bridge? Do the keys flow together? Am I doing at least one hymn? Am I doing at least one CCLI top 25?” Too often we pick songs mindlessly, without meditating on the truth they embody.

I propose a few questions:

  • What if you transformed the way you picked out your setlist?
  • What if you began to see the formation of your set with spiritual eyes?
  • What if you allowed yourself to be changed by each lyric during the week?
  • What if you meditated on the Scriptures that certain songs were written from?
  • What if you prayed while you typed out chord charts – that God would use each song for His glory?

Try it this week. Yes, you have lots of administrative, logistical items to take care of. But do them in a spirit of prayer.

Allow your heart to be mastered by your setlist before you seek to master the arrangements.


December 19, 2008 - Posted by | Worship

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