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Prayer Time Techniques

I’ve had the privilege of spending some extended time with Jesus the past two days and it’s been so refreshing. I’m excited to do this more often in 2009. Here’s some things I do that may enhance your own time with God:

  • Worship – sometimes I play worship music, but most of the time I don’t. I love to open up the Psalms and pray them to the Lord. I’ll pause after each verse and just worship Jesus through His Word. So powerful. They key here is to do it out loud, which keeps you from falling asleep!
  • Pray in the Spirit – this may not be a part of your religious tradition, but for me it is essential. Praying in tongues over an extended period of time really lifts your spirit and focuses your heart. I feel the presence of God most strongly when I am praying in the Spirit.
  • Prayer Focuses – it is essential to enter a season of prayer with specific focuses on your heart. Don’t just leave it to chance. Lift up your requests to God and spend time listening to the Holy Spirit. Pray in faith!
  • Meditate on Scripture – after pacing and praying in tongues for a while, it is easy to get tired. I’ll then sit down and just read and meditate on Scripture. It’s important that you view this as dialogue with the Holy Spirit. Think about the text. Pray the text. Ask questions about the text. Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying.
  • Songwriting – this may not apply to everyone, but I love expressing worship through songwriting. I love sitting down with my Bible open and writing songs from Scripture. The best songs are Scripture songs. Period.
  • Reading devotional/theological books – sometimes I don’t even get to this. It’s vital that a person has their own time with God and not just hearing from another writer. However, certain types of books can help expand your view of God and fuel your  heart for deeper intimacy. Don’t read books until you’ve meditated on Scripture and talked with God yourself.

Are there any techniques you practice?


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