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Worship Leading Tips/Sarcasms (Part 1)

Some suggestions (sarcasms) for worship leaders:

  • Singing a song over and over and over does not mean you are being prophetic. Know when to move on.
  • A full sound doesn’t invite the Holy Spirit. Enjoy periodic simplicity.
  • Back away from your microphone at times to encourage congregational singing. Your voice does not sustain the presence of God.
  • Just because you are the worship leader doesn’t mean you are exempt from worshiping.
  • Constantly remind yourself that your main purpose is not simply to sound awesome.
  • Becoming Chris Tomlin should not be your goal as a worship leader. Serve your local church and invest in the people.
  • People connect with a worship leader who worships. Don’t be preoccupied with impressing people.
  • Engage your heart and your congregation beyond the song. Help them to realize the presence of God.
  • Your talent is not greater than God’s glory. Don’t act like it is.
  • Behold the Glory of God when you’re off the stage. Stop looking in the mirror.
  • There will always be a more talented person than you. Don’t ever give up.
  • Focus on your heart. Trendy clothes and weird hair is OK, but not essential.

February 11, 2009 - Posted by | Worship

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