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Worship Team – 40 Days of Consistency

As a church, our monthly focus for March is “40 Days of Consistency”. We are focusing on maintaining a consistent, daily devotional life. The goal is that this 40 day focus will continue into healthy life patterns of spiritual discipline.

Tonight at our annual Worship Team “Refresh” Night, I’m excited to launch a similar focus for all our worship team members. For those of you involved in worship ministry, you understand the rigors of weekly programming, band rehearsal, song selection, late nights, early mornings, etc. Matters of the heart take a back seat role to the seemingly more urgent responsibilities.

Over these next 40 days, we want to focus on the inner life of the worshiper. We want to increase our unified, focused, spiritual vision. How are we personally growing as worshipers of Jesus Christ? How are we preparing for weekend ministry? Here’s what the next 40 days will look like:

  • Weekly Scripture passage focus
  • Weekly “why we sing” a certain song
  • Weekly personal prayer preparation for ministry
  • Focusing on inwardly/outwardly engaging in the weekend worship

Looking forward to what God is going to do in and through us this month!


February 26, 2009 - Posted by | APC, Worship

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