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Two Lenses of Life Perception

I was thinking today about the ways Christians view their lives and world around them. I believe there are two ways of viewing the Christian life.

  1. The extravagant, selfless, perfect love of God for His people.
  2. The matchless, self-sufficient, unparalleled glory of God.

While both of these truths are fundamental to our faith, we tend to emphasize one or the other. I personally tend to focus more on number two.

There are dangers to overemphasizing one and not the other.

If you overemphasize the love of God at the expense of the glory of God, you can preach a man-centered message. According to the Bible, we know that God is the center of the universe and His glory should be our only goal.

If you overemphasize the glory of God at the expense of the love of God, you may live a distant, religious life that is lacking in personal intimacy with Jesus. According to the Bible, we know that God has pursued us and longs to be close with His people.

What do we do?

Determine what your lens is. Do you focus on the love of God or the glory of God more? Do you read Scripture passages that focus on God’s love and care or on the passages that describe the vastness of His glory?

When you’ve determined your lens, try on another other pair of glasses. Spend some time worshiping God in light of His glory, with no focus on yourself and your needs. Or, spend some time dwelling on God’s perfect love for you, despite your failures.

I believe this will open up a deeper aspect to your devotional life.


March 6, 2009 - Posted by | Theology

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