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Lessons from WILSON


This is Wilson. He is my foster brother. My sister just sent me this picture because I guess he is listening to my music and smiling because of its sheer awesomeness. Maybe not. But he is smiling. He tends to make loud noises whenever I sing. He loves music.

Wilson has many horrible physical problems. He was shaken traumatically as a baby and doesn’t have much brain function. He is also blind. He cannot do anything (I mean anything) on his own.

In spite of all that, he may be the happiest person I have ever met. Not joking. He has the biggest smile and the most contagious laugh, even though he doesn’t always know what is going on. If you have never met Wilson, you really need to. He could change your life.

Never take for granted all that you have. If you tend to get down easily with issues in your life, hanging out for a few minutes with an amazing person like Wilson may teach you the most profound truths about life.


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  1. I have a friend named Julie who is in her late thirties who is mentally handicapped. Last night we were talking about Heaven. She told me she can’t wait to go to Heaven because she’ll have a big house with an outdoor pool and an “inside lake” (whatever that is lol). She is going to live with all her “girlfriends” in the house that God helps her build. When I asked her who her girlfriends were, she didn’t know. Then I asked her, “Are you excited to see God?” She answered, “Yes! Hes the one who will find me some girl friends!”

    I love Julie’s take on God. Whenever we talk about God and Heaven, my Christian theology becomes so clear. God is more complex than we could ever understand, but He’s also so simple šŸ™‚ I love how God is reflected in people like Julie and your foster brother… most of the time I think they have more to offer us than we have to offer them.

    Comment by Grace Hiyakumoto | March 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. […] Kind of makes you think One of my very best friends in the world wrote something yesterday or the day before that grabbed my heart. You need to read this post. Click HERE! […]

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  3. Good insights, Grace. Nice to hear from you!

    Comment by santahara | March 11, 2009 | Reply

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