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Do You Enjoy the Bible?

Do you love the Word of God? Do you enjoy it as you enjoy a great book, going to the movies, watching sports, reading magazines, or shopping?

Maybe you’re thinking, “Am I supposed to enjoy the Bible? Shouldn’t I just buckle down and do it because I know its right?”

The answer to both of those questions is YES. I have a strong desire to see God and His Word pursued with passion and pleasure.

I believe there are three reasons Christians don’t spend much time in the Word of God:

1. We feel guilty for being inconsistent.
2. We don’t understand much of the Bible.
3. Our time is governed by mindless entertainment.

In this post, I’d like to key in on point three. I believe we need to train ourselves to enjoy the Bible. We do this by repetition. I personally try to utilize much of my leisure time by reading Scripture and/or books devoted to understanding Scripture. The more you do this, the more you will see the Bible as fascinating, fun, and the most important use of your time.

Sometime we are tired. Stressed. Busy. In a ‘fun’ mood. We reserve our “Scripture reading” to a few minutes in the morning or once a month when our passion is dried up. We fill endless hours with TV, friends, food, and other activities. What if we trained ourselves to read the Bible in these times more often? Instead of retreating to mindless entertainment choices, we could begin reading Scripture and understand more of God’s will.

I love the Word of God. It is amazing when the Holy Spirit opens your understanding to difficult portions of the Bible. It is fun. It is relaxing. It is energizing. It is life-changing.

Is the Word of God your entertainment for this evening?


March 17, 2009 - Posted by | Theology

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