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Be a Grace Giver

Last night we continued in our “Fashionable” Series, looking at Romans 12:3-8. The topic was “Use Your Gift”. Here are some of the statements I made concerning spiritual gifts:

  • All gifts & abilities are evidences of God’s grace
  • Without thinking lowly of ourselves, we will misuse God’s gifts in jealousy, envy, & competition
  • We each have a measure of faith and a differing grace from God. This is to keep us trusting Him for the use of our gift.
  • Spiritual Gift: Exercising God’s gift to serve God’s people with a dependence on God’s power
  • Spiritual Gift: Doing anything that strengthens the faith of another person
  • There are gifts of speech and gifts of deed
  • Using speech as a spiritual gift: speak in a way that makes Christ look great. Draw attention to Christ, not yourself.
  • Using deeds as a spiritual gift: do what you do in the strength that God supplies. Ask Him to enable your action.
  • Since our gifts are an expression of God’s grace, what if we viewed our day as an opportunity to be a “Grace Giver”?

July 8, 2009 - Posted by | Fashionable Series, Young Adult Ministry

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