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What Defines Me?

Last night at APEX we dug into an intense passage that is Romans 12:9-21. We talked about the depth of love that God calls us to, commanding us to love even our enemies. Not easy stuff.

Here are some of the points I made:

  • When we love others Biblically it reveals what God is like (John 13:34-35)
  • When we love other Biblically it reveals where our hope lies (I Peter 2:21-23)
  • Instead of getting even we must learn to ‘entrust’ ourselves and our circumstances to God
  • Christianity is not about completing a ‘to-do’ list in order to appease God. Our deeds must be done in dependence on the finished work of the cross
  • In order to love others consistently, I need to see Christ consistently
  • If I were to ask those closest to you, “What is (fill in your name) defined by?” What would they say?
  • May we be defined by the radical, selfless, crazy love of Christ

July 22, 2009 - Posted by | Fashionable Series, Young Adult Ministry

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