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Essential Questions for Leadership

Raising up leaders is very exciting work. The easy part is asking people. The hard part is following through. It’s fairly easy to build a team of people. It’s another thing to maintain a strong momentum in your leadership team. But that is where you must focus your energies.

Getting a bunch of bodies on board is essential, given they are the right kind of people. But how are you actually leading your team? Questions to ask:

  • Am I modeling the work ethic I am requiring?
  • Am I modeling a disciplined lifestyle of consistent prayer/Bible reading?
  • Am I praying for each of my leaders?
  • Am I breathing consistent, faith-filled vision?
  • Am I smiling and laughing a lot? (more important than you may think).
  • Am I constantly seeking to improve my leadership through reading & observing other great leaders?
  • Am I following through with team assignments?
  • Am I having one-on-one, face-to-face conversations and not just sending random emails all the time?
  • Do I know where we are going?
  • Am I improving my communication skills?
  • Am I challenging/coaching/encouraging in real time?
  • Do I honor/value/spend QT with my wife above my leaders?
  • Am I happy?

Any others you would add?


August 5, 2009 - Posted by | Leadership, Young Adult Ministry

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