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Be a Wreader

If you see the title of this post and are confused (or are wondering if I ever graduated high school), than good. My desire with this post is to challenge you to be a reader and a writer; more specifically, to write when you read. With life as it is today, information is on overload. We watch the news, read the paper, watch movies, watch youtube, read blogs, read twitters, process information at our jobs, listen to podcasts, listen to a sermon on Sunday, listen to music, and the list could continue.


How much of this actually sticks in your brain and challenges you to become better?

My conviction is that our reading/study of the Bible and our reading of great books should take precedence over other sources of information. If you watch youtube videos more than you read the Bible, I hope this post will challenge you to use your best mental energies for eternal purposes.

The best way I have found to do this is to be a wreader – reading with pen in hand. I actually feel quite naked when I’m reading a book without a pen (if I am without pen, I even go up to the Starbucks counter and ask to borrow one. Don’t worry, I return it). Here’s a short list of why I use a pen while I read:

  • To keep an index of thoughts I like in the front flap, with page numbers.
  • To underline the author’s main thoughts (and thoughts I want to re-read). This is EXTREMELY helpful in processing information. Who remembers everything after one read? After I finish a book I’ll leaf through and read everything I underlined. Love it. Also, instead of re-reading an entire book, I can just read the underlined portions.
  • To keep me engaged in what I’m reading. For some reason, a pen helps me do this.
  • To prove to everyone in the coffee shop that what I’m doing is important…(arrogant, I know).

So, I challenge you: Be a Wreader.


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  1. Great post mate. I have preached a few sermons on the whole idea of what we ‘input’ into our lives i.e. Youtube Vs the Bible.

    Your idea of always reading with a pen in hand sounds like a really good one. I just know that I’ll spend a good hour now deciding what kind of pen and what kind of notebook I should carry with me :-S

    God bless.

    Comment by RamshackleBoy | August 7, 2009 | Reply

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