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Current Listenings

Every now and then a week will hit you with loads of good music. Here’s what I’ve been spinning lately, along with a brief description:

Hillsong: Faith+Hope+Love – only a few tracks worth buying (4,5,6). “Yahweh” is amazing.

Matt Redman: We Shall Not Be Shaken – the best worship songwriter ever with some of his best melodies ever. Essential.

MuteMath: Armistice – tons of fun. Great melodies & production. Took too long to come out.

The Glorious Unseen: The Hope That Lies In You – a weak voice but different enough to be cool. Songwriting and heart that will draw you in and help you cry out to God honestly. Excellent production.

Sleeping at Last: Storyboards – Like reading a genius novel. Listen and re-listen and re-listen. You may never understand it, but you’ll love it. One of the best.

Derek Webb: Stockholm Syndrome – I can handle DW in small doses. A little critical for around the clock listening. Genius songwriting and some crazy production. Wow.

Jesus Culture: Consumed – A great worship album. Very fresh and inspiring.

Jonsi & Alex: Riceboy Sleeps – My current soundtrack for reading and quiet time. Beautiful instrumental ambience.

Andrew Bird: Noble Beast – Music you will never understand, but a great voice. He whistles better than you talk.

What are you spinning these days?


August 27, 2009 - Posted by | Music

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