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Worship Leader, Do You Love the Word?

This is the second post in a series on “What Makes a Good Worship Leader?”.

Sometimes I’ll look at worship leaders and see a huge passion for music, songs, and even God, but not for Scripture. Great worship leaders love the Word of God. They know the Word of God informs their worship. The more they ‘see’ of God in His Word the more their hearts are expanded to worship God in a greater light. Matt Redman always says, “The more we see the more we love”.

I promise you with all my heart, you WILL burn out as a worship leader if you don’t have a regular pattern of Scripture reading. Not just reading but worshiping through the text. Music can only sustain for a time. Songs can only sustain for a time. But the Word of God is enduring and will light your heart on fire when you are dry. When I’m dry (which seems to happen often!), I’ll read Scripture and realize how massive God is. It helps to realize that when you have to prepare a set list and lead worship multiple times a week!

Your roots must go beyond Guitar Center, CCLI, and Worship CDs. Make your main inspiration the Word of God and how He reveals Himself in it. Take time to worship as you read.

This also helps with leading your team. Lead them to what God says in His Word. Expand your view…expand your worship.




November 13, 2009 - Posted by | Worship, Worship Leaders

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