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Worship Leader, Do You Worship?

Reading this title may have made you laugh. I mean, isn’t that what worship leaders do? Worship? Well, you would hope and pray so. But there are a lot of factors that contribute to this not happening. Lack of spiritual maturity, routine, boredom, stressful church life, etc.

Worship leaders must maintain a constant discipline of worshiping God behind closed doors.

We’re good when it comes to the stage, but how are we when it comes to the silence? We’re good when it comes to picking out hit worship songs but how are we when we are alone with Jesus? Do we have anything to say or are we bored out of our minds?

If you long for a successful worship ministry you have to fight for a vibrant prayer life. I say ‘fight’ because it will not happen naturally. Weekly church ministry can be very busy and the secret place crowded out.

Here’s a healthy practice: remember why you started leading worship in the first place. I hope it was the result of a work of God in your life. You then desired to be in His presence. You wanted to see His glory. Have you maintained that desire? Have you stoked the flames of your passion for Jesus Christ?

I remember when I first started leading worship. I truly felt God’s anointing – almost like He was right there with me, pushing me out there to lead. I didn’t really want to at first, but I really did want to worship. True, heartfelt worship was the center of all the music I did. God help me keep that passion.

Here’s the takeaway: begin a discipline of worshiping when no one is watching. Close the door and spend time with Jesus. Sing, dance, shout (don’t disturb your neighbors), cry, pray. This may seem elementary, but the more ‘professional’ we get, the less we do the most important things.


November 18, 2009 - Posted by | Worship, Worship Leaders


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  2. Great post Dave. So true.

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