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“Revolutionaries” by Matt Brown

I am extremely grateful for Matt Brown’s new book, “Revolutionaries”. Something that I’ve noticed among young adults today is that we don’t know church history very well. And we don’t have much of an interest. This is sad, and may contribute much to the lack of spiritual vibrancy we see today.

That’s why I’m grateful this book has been written. I don’t know another one like it. Beginning with Jesus Christ all the way to the modern day, Matt gives us brief biographical sketches of men and women in every century who advanced Christianity. Men and women who “took up their cross and followed Christ”. Men and women who “did not love their lives unto death” and gave it all for the greatest mission on earth. Soul stirring.

I challenge you to get this book. It’s a brief, easy to read book that will teach you things you didn’t know and stir your soul in the process. Each chapter left me wanting to make sure the story I was living would be worth writing about after I die.

Order your copy of Revolutionaries at RevolutionariesBook.com or get the Stocking Stuffer Special (2 books for price of 1) through midnight Christmas Day. You can also buy the book on Amazon.com and download a free chapter or the whole book for the Amazon Kindle or through the free Kindle app on the iPod Touch and iPhone. The book was provided for review by Skyline Book Publishers.


December 11, 2009 - Posted by | Book Review

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