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Reading the Bible in 2010

Why is it that reading the Bible is so often a failed attempt? We start strong for a week or a month and just get too busy. Or we’re just bored to tears while reading Leviticus. I think the remedy to the situation is extremely practical. Here are some practical helps I shared at APEX last Tuesday that I am focusing on this year. Hope it helps:

#1 Choose a reading plan

  • For the beginning of the year I am doing New Thru 30. For the rest of the year I am doing Discipleship Journal’s plan. Check out the free download.
  • I heard Bob Kauflin say that whenever you sit down to read, read two days. This works great for the times I am inconsistent. It always keeps me ahead.
  • If you choose a place and a time without a plan, you will be quickly discouraged. Spontaneity does not equal spirituality. Do yourself a favor and choose a good plan. Any is better than none.

#2 Choose a place

  • Place is important because life involves thousands of distractions. Be sure to get alone so you can pray out loud, cry, sing, etc. Seeking God with someone else in the room watching TV may not be best.
  • I understand that you will not be able to be at the same place every day. Still, decide on a most frequent place.

#3 Choose a time

  • Treat your time with God as an important appointment. I think what keeps us from reading the Bible is that there are no immediate, visible consequences. If you choose to skip work, a mid-term, or a job interview, you will not succeed. While neglecting the Bible does not have immediate, visible consequences like that, the inward consequence of a dry spiritual life will keep you away from God and diminish your effectiveness.
  • I recommend morning as the best time, but find a time that works with your schedule and keep it.

The greatest key to spiritual growth is a steady diet of God’s Word. Read it consecutively and consistently and watch your joy, passion, purpose, and love increase.


January 14, 2010 - Posted by | Prayer, Theology, Young Adult Ministry

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