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A Worship Leader’s Playlist

On this blog I talk a lot about the heart of a worship leader. The bottom line is we need to worship if we want to be a worship leader. Worship leading doesn’t begin with musical talent, great vocals, music knowledge, or leading a team. It starts with worship. What is your story? How are you pressing into God on a daily basis? That’s where we must begin.

However, worship leading involves music. It involves writing music, listening to music, arranging music, leading music. To focus solely on the heart at the expense of the practical is irresponsible and wrong. The music needs to serve the heart but the music cannot be ignored.

In this post I would like to ask you, what are you listening to? What inspires you? Here is my opinion as to what a worship leader should listen to. This is not found in the Bible. This is a personal suggestion and a look into what is on my playlist:

  • Worship Music – a worship leader should listen to a wide variety of worship music. We need to be constantly inspired by what is happening globally in the church. This should be a mixture of studio and live albums. I recommend studio for hearing the songs and live for learning from the experience.
  • Creative Music – too often we listen to the same music over and over and it is reflected in our boring sounds. Listen to music that is a bit different than what you’re used to. Experiment with using a different instrument in your services. Be inspired by some artists who are different. What I’m liking right now: Sigur Ros, Fanfarlo, The Album Leaf, Phoenix. Helps to inspire.
  • Hymns – There are a lot of great modern hymn records out. Modern in the musical sense. Ancient in the lyrical sense, which is what makes it awesome. We stand on the shoulders of incredible men and women of God who have lead worship through the centuries. We would be wise to listen. Suggestions: Passion Hymns: Ancient & Modern, Keith Getty, Stuart Townend.

Anything else you would suggest?


January 21, 2010 - Posted by | Worship Leaders

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  1. Wonderful thoughts, David. Worship is how we live our life. And I totally agree worship leaders need to draw inspiration from worship music, creative music, and hymns.

    Often all worship music sounds alike and I like to hear new creative things being tried. When Delirious came out with King of Fools, it was different and had beautiful melodies and lyrics that were so heartfelt. I still love that album.

    Comment by Rebecca Keese | January 22, 2010 | Reply

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