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Get Behind the Vision of Your Local Church

When it comes to being a worship leader in today’s church, “commitment to a local church” is not always the most popular thing we want to hear. Somehow we’ve inadvertently adopted a mindset that true success as a worship leader is writing hit songs, getting “discovered”, and going on tour. Without wanting to bash the touring worship leader model, which has its place in the kingdom, let me describe something less sexy, more biblical, and more enduring.

I believe God is seriously moving in the area of church planting. The local church will (and always has been) the hope of the world. We carry the Gospel message. What we need is not more worship leaders running out of their churches to tour, but more worship leaders seriously committed to strengthening the spirit of worship in their local congregation, building a devoted team, and raising up the next generation. I have nothing against touring. I have nothing against traveling ministry. I simply think we need to see the incredible value we are adding to our local congregations and invest the energy to make it great.

If you are a worship leader who tours, my point is not to discourage you. I’d love to do some more personally. I have some friends who do it with excellence. Here’s the catch: don’t isolate yourself from a local church. Stay connected to a congregation. Stay accountable to a pastor. We appreciate what you do as well. For those considering it, touring is not as “glamourous” as you may think it is 🙂

If you’re a worship leader who leads worship in a small, local congregation and you’ve wondered if it’s worth it, what you do week in and week out is way more difficult than leading worship for a stadium of worship connoisseurs. It’s the truth. Realize how much your needed. Keep pressing on. God is using you.

Let’s not view our worship ministry as a global enterprise to our own gifting. Let’s get behind the vision of our senior pastors, invest our heart and soul into the church family, disciple musicians and worship leaders, be patient with our volunteers, and raise up an army on-fire for Jesus.


July 16, 2010 - Posted by | Worship, Worship Leaders

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