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Avatar and Sunday Morning

Remember the day? The day you went to see James Cameron’s blockbuster hit, Avatar? Since you had heard so many good things about it, you were prepared to ‘go the distance’ with this one. Armed with a $15 popcorn & drink, you were prepared for an amazing three hours of pure escapism from the ordinary. And amazing it was, right?

Why is it that we humans LOVE movies, amusement parks, sports events, and a gazillion other entertainments? Why is it that our culture is consumed by the pursuit of them? Why are we enamored with entertainment?

I believe it’s because we were created to worship. We were made to be fascinated, awed, lost in wonder, starstruck – by the greatness of God. The time and money America spends on entertainment is a reflection of this deep need. We long to escape the ‘ordinary’ and engage with the ‘extra-ordinary’.

How would our congregational worship times change if we approached God in this way? Much the same way that we approach seeing Avatar in 3D IMAX with buttery popcorn and a ‘way-too-big-for-any-human-bucket-‘o-drink’?

What would it look like if our anticipation for gathering in God’s house, together with God’s people, to encounter the glory of God was that much stronger?

What do you say?


October 13, 2010 - Posted by | Worship

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