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10 “What-if’s” For Worship Leaders To Ask

What if I spent an undistracted hour in God’s presence before I went to lead worship?

What if I spent an entire rehearsal simply worshiping with my team?

What if I spent more time memorizing Scripture than listening to new music?

What if I spent a little time everyday practicing and sharpening my musical craft?

What if I prayed daily for the congregation that I lead?

What if I admitted I’m not the best at everything and allowed other musicians/singers to rise up?

What if we had band prayer after worship in order to cement the truth that our acceptance before God isn’t based on our performance but because we’re his children?

What if we intentionally applied the truth of every song that we sing?

What if we experimented with worship services without music?

What if I tuned into the Holy Spirit’s voice as I led worship?


October 19, 2010 - Posted by | Worship Leaders

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