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My Current Top 10 Favorite iPhone Apps

Ever since I became an iPhone user last year my life has changed. I don’t think I realize how often I use this phone. I started out using it for more entertainment purposes but now I almost solely use it to keep myself more productive. Here are some of my current favorite apps:

Action Method – my project/task manager. I love the design and simplicity of this app. It also syncs with my online account for on-the-go ‘getting things done’. Anytime anything pops in my head that requires action, I create an action step with this app.

MobileRSS – this is a great, free RSS Reader. I subscribe to somewhere around 75 blogs and have them categorized with this app according to theme: worship, young adult ministry, business, productivity, financial, etc. The best part is that it syncs with my Google Reader account so I don’t have to re-read anything

Evernote – another great app to capture ideas. I primarily use the voice feature on this app to capture ideas for ministry and songs I am writing. Syncs with the online and desktop versions as well. Incredibly productive app.

Instapaper – when I read blogs, I read quick. Sometimes I really want to dig into a post but don’t have time, so I save it to Instapaper. Within my MobileRSS app there’s a link to save any blog to it. I also save web pages I want to revisit later using the ‘read it later’ button installed in my safari browser. Changed my life!

Planning Center Online – the web software we use to schedule our worship teams and program our services. Numerous times throughout the week I’ll access this to see who’s scheduled and if there’s any updates I need to make.

Nike + iPod – my running partner. With this app I can listen to podcasts or music and also track how far and how fast I am running. Helps to keep me motivated. This app is on every iphone but requires you purchase the sensor for your shoe; however, they just released a paid app where the sensor is not necessary.

Dropbox – I hardly save any documents to my computer hard drive anymore. With dropbox, I can save any document in my dropbox folder and access it anywhere – from another computer or this app. When I am teaching, I’ll just open dropbox and pull out my notes. Amazing.

Twitter – I love the new Twitter app. While I use Tweetdeck on my desktop, I love to check Twitter updates using this app. It’s reliable, easy to use, and saves your spot where you left off.

ESV Bible – Great Bible app. I found it has the best interface for selecting a passage of Scripture. I hate having to type it out. With this app there’s an attractive scroll down menu of each book. Proof that design is important to productivity.

Ask Dave Ramsey – I can be a bit of a finance nerd these days and I always enjoy listening to Dave Ramsey’s insights. With this app I can access tons of his radio show calls, all archived according to topic.

Best part of all these apps? They’re free! Go get them.




October 20, 2010 - Posted by | Tech

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