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How to Handle Failure & Success in Ministry

Sometimes you can’t shake the feeling. Questions plague your mind. Doubt settles in. Am I really “called” to do this? Have I chosen the right career path?

And then there are other times where you feel on top of the world. You ‘feel’ anointed, called, gifted, used by God, important.

Whatever ministry you engage in, worship, preaching, pastoring, small group leadership, announcements, greeting, coffee preparation, you’ve had feelings of inadequecy. There have been times in my ministry where I’ve felt, “God, did I choose the right thing here?”

I’ve already addressed what to do when inspiration lacks. In this post, allow me to ease the tension by saying it is normal for anyone in ministry to feel this way. The goal of a minister should not be perfect execution but perfect trust in God. If you are basing your calling on your performance, your emotions will take you on a wild ride you don’t want to be on. Whether we “feel” effective or “feel” we’ve failed, God loves us and God is using us. Isn’t it true in ministry that when you’ve felt you’ve missed the mark someone heard exactly what they needed to hear from God?

Weakness. God likes to shine through our weakness.

I’m not saying to go intentionally suck at what you do for God to use you. Yikes. Work hard. Pray hard. And then just do it. Trust God with results. Stay faithful.

Be encouraged today. You belong to the God of the universe through strength and weakness.


November 2, 2010 - Posted by | Leadership

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