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How Cooks Forest Helped Me Stay Focused

For the past week, Emily and I have been leading worship for a couple’s retreat in Lancaster, PA with our great friends Brad & Rebekah. On our way back to the ‘Burgh, we decided to drive a couple hours out of the way and spend a night at the Gateway Lodge in Cooks Forest, PA.

Beautiful place. Quiet, serene, peaceful, slow.

Did you hear that? Slow.

Mini excursions like this help me re-focus my life on what is most important. For me, it’s not that my job is extremely busy (though there are seasons, for sure) it’s the way I go about my job.

  • I make it busy
  • I’m stressed when I don’t need to be
  • I don’t spend enough time simply waiting on the Lord in prayer
  • I do things I could delegate
  • I race about doing menial tasks rather than focusing on people
  • I spend too much time doing what Scott Belsky calls “Insecurity Work” (Twitter, Facebook, Reading Blogs, checking stats)

Cooks forest is reminding me to focus on what matters. So I decided to write out a mini-list of some of my ‘main things’. I want to use my time wisely to focus and accomplish goals in these areas. Hopefully it will inspire you to write a list yourself.

  • Seek God’s face first thing every morning
  • Spending time with my wife, the most important person in my life
  • Continue to write songs for the church to sing
  • Make this blog an encouraging resource for worship & church leaders
  • Continue raising up worship leaders and musicians at APC
  • Invest myself in creating a culture of worship at APC
  • Raise up leaders and make disciples of young adults in the Pittsburgh area
  • Loving people and leading them to Christ

So what’s your list? How do you keep yourself focused on the ‘main things’ in your life? I encourage you to find a peaceful spot (doesn’t have to be cook’s forest :)) and think, pray, & write. It will go a long way. Go ahead, you have time. Just do it. You can’t afford not to.


November 8, 2010 - Posted by | Leadership

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