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How You Can Create Great Art Every Day

Do you ever feel bogged down by having to go work for another day? Are you overwhelmed and not slowing down enough to actually enjoy what you do?

I think all of us find ourselves in this place from time to time. Allow me to challenge your thinking.

You are an artist…and everyday presents an opportunity for you to create great art. But you may not consider yourself an “artist”. I mean, you don’t write songs, sing, play an instrument, paint, sculpt, listen to the Beatles, grow your hair extremely long, or just chill out for a living. Maybe you do. Or maybe you’re a pastor. Or a business man or woman. Or a nurse. A doctor. A sales clerk. A retail salesman. A waitress. A computer programmer. A teacher. Fill in the blank.

Seth Godin so brilliantly conveys in his book, Linchpin, that the world of work is changing. If you want to stand out and really make a difference, you need to create art. No longer are you just a replaceable cog in the machine who is told what to do. You are an artist.

What does this look like?

  • Ask, “Who can I bless today?”
  • Bring solutions to your boss instead of problems.
  • Focus on people.
  • Don’t just generate ideas. Get them done.
  • Don’t just say. Do.
  • Ask, “What’s something I could do that’s different or ‘out of the ordinary’ for my line of work but would make a positive difference?”
  • Pray over your projects.
  • Pour passion into your projects.
  • Ask, “What can I do to be remarkable today?”
  • Ask, “What one project will make the biggest difference today?” and do it.
  • See every interaction as an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to use you.

See? No paint brushes or guitars required. But by all means, use them if you can.

What art will you create today? What difference will you make today?


November 10, 2010 - Posted by | Leadership

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