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How to Turn Setbacks Into Stepping Stones

There is something that I believe with all my heart.

There are no setbacks for the man or woman of God. Only stepping stones.

“What are you talking about,” you may ask?

Well, when Satan attacks. When trials come. When sickness and pain rack your body. When your faith is tested. All seeming setbacks. But for the Christian following Jesus, God uses those very trials as stepping stones into greater faith, destiny, and influence.


  • David – anointed to be King but then hunted like sport for years before he saw the fulfillment
  • Joseph – given a dream that he would be a ruler but sold into slavery and put in prison for wrongdoing not his own
  • Jesus – the Son of God becoming a man to bear our cross and carry our sin

All seeming setbacks at first glance. But from God’s perspective, merely necessary steps in the process towards Christlikeness and powerful destiny.

What do you consider your setback today? How could you shift your perspective and begin to believe God for greater faith, destiny, and influence through it?


November 15, 2010 - Posted by | Scripture Encouragement |

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