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The Weekly Wrap-Up

I’m beginning a new tradition here on the blog: The Weekly Wrap-Up. This is simply a way for you to view my posts from the past week in case you missed something or want to review. Enjoy.


How to Turn Setbacks into Stepping Stones

There is something that I believe with all my heart. There are no setbacks for the man or woman of God. Only stepping stones. “What are you talking about,” you may ask?

Read the full post here.


10 Tips for Great Arranging

Ever been in a worship team situation where all you hear is a mess of noise? Each musician in the band seems to be the captain of their own planet, ignoring the rotation of all the others. This is all too common for musicians to show off what they can do instead of submitting to what a song really needs. Since I’ve already addressed the need for both preparation and spontaneity, I want to focus on one very important aspect of preparation; and that is the arranged song.

Read the full post here.


Which Drink Are You?

My post for this morning may seem vain at first sight. But this is for real. No joke. I’m sitting in Starbucks and I’m baffled once again by how much money people pay for coffee. I mean, people stop in here 2-3 times a DAY for their drink. Starbucks is an experience so many people can’t miss…daily. Amazing. I’m probably a once or twice a week Starbucks drinker (since we use a fabulous Keurig at home).

Tell me your favorite drink here.


Do You Disciple Your Worship Team?

What I love most about leading worship (I guess besides actually worshiping God) is making disciples. Each member of the worship team is someone called by God whom I have the privilege of pouring into. I believe sometimes we can short circuit what God wants to do through our worship team because we give excuses. “I can’t afford to hire good musicians.” “I just don’t like asking him all the time.” “This schedule is just too busy for people.” “There’s too many services at this church!” Or we just get into ‘weekly maintenance mode’ and lose the big picture of what we are doing.

Read the full post here.


A Songwriter’s Arsenal

As a guy who writes songs for my church to sing, I’m always trying to improve. Here are a few things I use that assist me in my songwriting process. Hope this helps.

Read the full post here.



November 21, 2010 - Posted by | Weekly Wrap-up

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