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3 Ways to Engage Christians in a Worship Service

Recently I talked about how to engage non-Christians in a worship service But what about how to more effectively engage those who are believers? You may be wondering why I’m writing about this so much. I guess you could say it’s important and I’m working hard on it.

Many worship leaders are content to crank through a list of songs. As a musician and perfectionist, I have this tendency. But remember, there is nothing more important in your role as a worship leader than engaging the congregation. Success is determined by how many people are with you, not how flawless your performance was. What good is it if you have perfect execution but zero participation?

This is not easy. My goal with this post is to offer you 3 tips to help you engage Christians more effectively:

1. Mix new songs with simple, familiar songs

When introducing a new song, don’t sandwich it in between two other new songs. People engage with songs they know – songs that are simple and singable. That doesn’t mean you have to do Here I Am to Worship every weekend; however, if you do too many new songs at once, people are frustrated watching instead of worshiping. Do new songs but do them with songs people already know.

2. Speak Honestly

I can’t tell you how huge this is. Don’t allow yourself to be a cheerleader spouting off Christiany phrases. You don’t want to be a ‘wet blanket’ either. Find the middle ground. Be yourself. Speak to people’s situations. Worship with all you’ve got. Every generation of Christian will find common ground with someone who loves Jesus. They may dislike your music, but they’ll enter in if they respect your heart for God. Learning to speak simply and clearly can really unify a room.

3. Build Momentum

This comes with skill and experience. But you can start now. Momentum in a worship service somes when you begin to medley songs that echo what the Holy Spirit is doing in a room. This is not a concert. Don’t just blaze through your setlist song to song to song to song. Slow down, discern what God is doing, encourage people to sing spontaneously, highlight the theme of what God is doing with songs that people know.

I want to learn from you. What else would you add, worship leaders? Do you think engaging your congregation is important or can we just let the music do its job?


November 29, 2010 - Posted by | Worship Leaders

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