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The Weekly Wrap-Up


Common Worship Leading Blunders (Part 2)

Vicky Beeching recently wrote an excellent, thorough blog post on dealing with disasters in a worship set. If you’ve been a worship leader for any length of time, you know encountering a disaster is a “when” not an “if”. Vicky gave some great advice for a variety of situations and I suggest you read it. Whereas my last post was on worship leading blunders you should avoid, I wanted to expand on Vicky’s post to include a few more ‘blunders’ that just seem to happen…and how to recover. Here goes:

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What I Am Listening To


A Most Powerful Daily Question

A number of weeks ago I wrote a post on contributing and consuming. Whether you like it or not, you are doing one or the other. You are either taking or giving. You are either watching or participating. You are either criticizing or taking your own risks that add value. This concept leaves us with a most powerful daily question: What will I contribute today?

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3 Ways Worship Leaders Can Deal With Discouragement

With my recent posts on worship leading blunders, it’s easy to laugh at the mistakes when you’re in hindsight. You can look back, learn, laugh, and grow to become more humble. But in the moment it’s not so funny. Sometimes when we miss the mark, we get discouraged.

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How to Get the Most Out of Reading Blogs

Do you read blogs? Obviously you do because you are are reading this right now. I do a lot of reading but when it comes to reading blogs, I prefer the ones that are brief, practical, and teach me new things. I simply don’t want to read a book when I sit down to read blogs. I like to read fast, archive what is helpful, and apply what is practical. That’s why I write a lot of list posts (they can be scanned quickly) and how to’s (practical). Here’s how I would recommend you read blogs:

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Freedom + Control = Successful Singing by Chris Beatty

Where’s Your Platform? by Seth Godin

Inspiration is for Amateurs by Steven Furtick

7 Powerful Ways to Get Your Blog Post Noticed by ProBlogger






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