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Worship: Consume or Be Consumed?

Worship music has become such an industry. It makes money. It dominates Christian radio. We get warm fuzzies when we hear our favorite artist singing our favorite song.

This is can be good, but I also think it spoils us for our local churches. Instead of pursuing God, we listen for our favorite songs. We view the worship time as a  3 song warm-up more than an encounter with the living God. If the worship leader does our favorite song, we will pump our fists and get into it.

But what if it never happens? How do we re-capture the essence of worship in a massive industry of worship consumerism?

I once heard Louie Giglio say that instead of consuming worship, we should be consumed by worship. What if you approached every service at church with an expectation to be consumed by the greatness of God? That may sound scary to you.

All I’m saying is that we be God-centered rather than song-centered; that we approach weekend services with expectation rather than routine. To the congregation’s credit, a good worship leader should skillfully help you do this. But that doesn’t leave you without responsibility.

Come be consumed by worship rather than consuming songs.

Question: how do you prepare your heart for true worship? What are some ways we can re-capture true worship in such a ‘consumer’ industry? I dare you to leave a comment 🙂


December 13, 2010 - Posted by | Worship

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