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Creating Unity on Your Worship Team

How many stories could we tell of rehearsals gone ridiculous? Services gone sour? Worship teams with too much tension? Think about it: many musicians of different ages, different styles, different expectations, different preferences, different spiritual expectancy, different everything? Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be. How do we create a unified culture in our worship teams?

There isn’t much that could be more important. Unity is essential for victory. Imagine any professional sports team winning the championship while breathing down each other’s necks in anger and resentment. Not gonna happen.

So if unity is so important, how do we cultivate it? What can you do today to make a difference? Glad you asked.

I don’t think there’s one canned answer but here are some quick ideas that may inspire you:

  • Talk about your vision. All the time. People are drawn to visionaries.
  • State expectations up front to potential new members.
  • Have fun together. Laugh.
  • Pray together before, during, and after rehearsals.
  • Confront disrespect (in private) the DAY it happens.
  • Validate everyone’s opinions and thoughts.
  • When you see something good, praise it.
  • Meet periodically outside of church to hang out.
  • Study the Bible together.
  • Earn your team’s respect. Don’t just demand it.
  • Show up prepared for rehearsals and services.
  • Be an encourager.
  • Bring together the old and the young to talk about gear together.
  • Ask for your team’s opinion.
  • Come together, sit in a circle, and have people share what they appreciate about each person.
  • Sometimes you have to let people go who will not submit. Bless them and release them. That is OK.
  • Constantly improve what you do. Team members appreciate that kind of leader.
  • Raise money TOGETHER. Do an outreach TOGETHER. Do something meaningful TOGETHER.

Worship Leaders, I know there’s more. How do you unify your team?


December 21, 2010 - Posted by | Worship Leaders

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